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SEI’s Terra Tank is a collapsible bladder tank that has been designed specifically to store water, chemicals or fuel.  It comes in a range of sizes from 250 USG (1000L) to 50,000 USG (190,000L).  Multiple Terra tanks can be connected together through a manifold system to create a cost-effective tank farm with unlimited capacity.

SEI manufactures the Terra Tank from several different fabrics, depending on the liquid being stored.  Terra Tanks that are used for water,  chemicals  and fuel storage are constructed from three types of fabrics: Aqua-Shield™, Chem-Shield™ and  Petro-Shield

  • Aqua-Shield – This fabric is constructed from material approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for containment of potable water.  Aqua-Shield fabric that meets U.S. military specification MIL-T-53029C is also available.
  • Chem-Shield – This fabric is constructed from materials that combine excellent durability with resistance to many chemicals.  This fabric is suitable for containment of sludge, transformer mineral oil, sulphuric acid, PCB transformer oils, 30% chlorine, ammonium hydroxide, ethanol and fertilizer.
  • Petro-Shield – this fabric meets U.S. military specification MIL-T-52983D, MIL-T-52983E, MIL-T-52983F, MIL-T-52983G, ATPD2266 and MIL-PRF-32233 for fuel tanks.  It is suitable for containing kerosene, diesel and fuels with less than 40% aromatic content but it is not recommended for harsh climates or long term usage – only short term or one-time use.  For fuels with more than 40% aromatic content or gasoline or, for use in harsh climates, please see the Jungle King™, Desert King™ or Arctic King™ tank.

Thanks to the Terra Tank’s pillow design, the fabric of the tank always hugs the surface of the contained fluid so only a few square inches of liquid are exposed directly to the air.  This is an important feature for fuel storage, as there is virtually no area where water vapour can condense and contaminate the fuel.  Likewise, dangerous vapours cannot accumulate, as the tank continuously adjusts itself to whatever volume of liquid is in storage.

  • Terra Tanks are easy and quick to install and can be used immediately with almost no site preparation required.
  • Terra Tanks are lightweight and, because they are fully collapsible, they offer liquid containment capacity many times larger than their transportable size.
  • The Terra Tank can easily be folded, transported and relocated.
  • Compared to steel tanks, the Terra Tank offers significant cost savings in transportation and site preparation and won’t rust or corrode.