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We are the UAE representative for Dynamic Air Shelters who engineer and manufactures lightweight, rapidly deployable textile shelters and constructions to protect people and equipment from extreme hazards in harsh environments.

We can offer a broad range of standard and custom sizes – from 400 to 40,000 sq. ft., and larger which have been created to address many unique requirements such as:

  • Protection against the deadly threat of blast and ballistic hazards
  • Secure and safe lunch rooms, on-site offices and storage units in over-pressure zones like oil & gas refineries or conflict zones
  • Shelters moved over drilling or excavation sites
  • Storage shelters for equipment and supplies
  • Welding bays and fabrication buildings to keep elements out
  • Promotional shelters for trade shows, meetings, sales presentations, lounges and all types of public events
  • Space to host large groups in a theater style setting (receiving area for the G-8 Summit)
  • Instant shelters to protect forensic evidence at crime scenes
  • Shower decontamination of large numbers of people
  • Disaster shelters for emergency service workers and temporary hospital facilities

temporary shelters dubai

Temporary Shelters