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At the end of the day, time is money and perhaps your company’s time can be more efficiently spent by focusing on other areas of your project. Let us do the leg work by using our industry experts, contacts and experience to offer you a range of products that meet your needs, technical requirements and budget. Also allow us to suggest better options. 

We believe it is extremely important to understand the full cycle of a product from cradle to grave to ensure the products considered are being fairly compared on a like for like basis and on an overall project lime time frame basis. Typical aspects considered are serviceability, longevity etc. 

We can either act as an extension to your company through a consulting approach on a project by project basis where we understand the brief and then do the leg work to source the optimal products, thereafter you execute the purchase. This is a fee based type of work base on Cost, Time and Resources (CTR)

Alternatively, we can understand the brief, provide options and agree, procure and ultimately deliver the products. This involves taking the process from start to finish, where we are acting as your supplier. 

This service is provided on a project basis and hence is evaluated on a case by case basis. If you would like to know , please get in contact with us.