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We are able to supply integrated redeploy-able turnkey camp solutions for the mining, aviation, construction, military and rental markets. Tridentech can supply both local and international markets with temporary or semi-permanent camp solutions which are tailor-made to suit your operational requirements. Some of the systems are as follows:

Field Shield

  • Material – PVC with Interior rope reinforcement
  • Fire retardant
  • Capable of protecting men & equipment from small arms fire and fragmentation
  • Webbing straps provide extra tensioning
  • Shields can be stacked in different configurations
  • Easy to repair – repairable on site
  • Quick deployment / redeployment

Soft-Walled Shelters

  • Available in 4.8m or 6m, 7.9m wide, Length can be customised
  • soft-walled shelter, barrel shaped framed structure
  • waterproof PVC barrel cover and provides insulation against extreme temperatures
  • cost-effective option made of a durable light weight fabric
  • can be deployed in various configurations including accommodation, dining, recreational and communication facilities, as well as kitchens, ablution units, gymnasiums
  • Optional: Raised hard floors, Hard doors, Air-conditioners, Extractor fans, Electrical kits, Connector kits for joining shelters, Room dividers, and Furniture or required equipment.

Inflatable Shelters

  • Large multifunctional inflatable shelter, these tents can be interconnected
  • can be assembled by one person in about four minutes
  • ideal for on-scene response in disaster situations or where emergency medical support is required.
  • supported by inflatable arches. The floor area is clear of any vertical supports.
  •  numerous accessories and optional extras are available, including an electrical kit.
  • Available in 5.15 m, 7.55 m and 9.85 m wide structures

Mobile Expandable Container Configuration

  • Rugged shelter which combines the universal ISO container with fabric structure technology
  • Furnishing/equipment installed in the central core, creating a fully assembled & self-contained unit.
  • Handling, stacking and transportation: Comply with Convention for Safe Containers (CSC)
  • Resilient to handling damage and stores securely.
  • Typical configurations include kitchens, ablutions, laundries, medical facilities, workshops and command centres, all of which can be custom designed to client specifications.
  • Rapid deployment, Expands to almost three times its shipping footprint, Preconfigured plug-and-play format, Can be interconnected.
  • Available in 5.15 m, 7.55 m and 9.85 m wide structures

Hard Walled Expandable Re-deployable Containers

  • Transported to any site as a standard shipping container, Purpose built and is CSC rating
  • Quickly and easily deploys to a high-quality prefabricated building of up to three times the area of the original container footprint. Can be configured to virtually any requirement.
  • The unit is offered as a standard 8 ft width (standard shipping container) or a 4 ft unit when closed.
  • All internal services such as electrical wiring and plumbing are pre-installed as part of the manufacturing process allowing the unit to be operational within one or two hours after delivery.
  • available in three container heights: 9.5 ft high cube which optimises floor space yield,  8.5 ft standard cube, and 8 ft low cube, which allows for C130 air transportability

Prefabricated Structures

  • For setting up semi-permanent camps
  • Cost-effective, prefabricated structures are durable with a high quality surface finish
  • Require little maintenance
  • Designed and manufactured according to the client’s requirements and are easily transported
  • Units can be erected quickly and easily, and are suitable for the configuration of schools, houses, clinics, offices, ablution units and dormitories.
  • Each prefabricated structure can be painted in a colour of the client’s choice.

Large Modular Structures 

  • Quality and durable Large Modular Structures manufactured from steel or aluminium
  • Easily redeployed, can range in size from 10 m wide to much wider
  • Used as temporary semi-permanent or permanent structures
  • Designed and manufactured according to client requirements
  • Most suited as warehouses, workshops and aircraft hangers
  • Various door options
  • Fitted with electrical kits & air-conditioning units on request
  • Covered with PVC or prefabricated side panels

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