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Bladder tanks were initially used by the military but, today, they are most often used in operations around the world for storing fuel, water and chemicals.  Typical clients include mining, oil and gas exploration companies, remote construction companies, helicopter operators and disaster relief operations.
SEI products use the latest in manufacturing technology and industrial fabric design.  By working with a select group of suppliers, SEI has developed proprietary fabrics that make its products unique as well as more durable and cost-effective.

Today, as an industry leader, the following list of fabrics illustrate how SEI has adapted to meet customer needs through innovation:

  • Arctic-Shield™ Fabric — Arctic-Shield fabric was purpose-engineered by SEI specifically for above-ground secondary containment of fuels in arctic climates at remote sites.  Arctic-Shield has a high strip tensile and adhesion strength, a low cold crack temp below -50º C and low diffusion rates well below CCME and ULC requirements.  Arctic-Shield fabric was designed for long duration fuel exposure that may occur if a fuel spill were to happen at a remote site that is unmanned for the winter.  It is fire resistant as per NFPA 701.  Arctic-Shield fabric has been fully tested and meets the requirements of CAN/ULC-S668-12 for secondary containment in Canada.  Arctic-Shield material is suitable for Class 1 flammable and combustible liquids in backfilled or exposed applications.
  • Arctic King™ Fabric — This proprietary fabric was designed to withstand extreme cold and is used in all SEI Arctic King fuel storage tanks.  Arctic King fabric meets the CAN/CSA B-837-14 standard for collapsible fabric storage tanks (bladders) and exceeds all US military specifications.  This fabric can be deployed in temperatures as low as -50 C, has the lowest diffusion rates in the industry and meets regulations for fuel storage in remote sites.
  • Desert King™ Fabric — Proprietary Desert King fabric was engineered to endure climates with high levels of UV exposure and high temperatures.  This specialized fabric is used in all SEI Desert King fuel storage tanks and exceeds US military specifications.
  • Jungle King™ Fabric — Jungle King fabric design created a revolutionary new material that takes on tough tropical climates and their accompanying high levels of UV exposure, temperature and humidity.  This innovative fabric is used in all SEI Jungle King fuel storage tanks and exceeds US military specifications.  Jungle King fabric resists hydrolysis and is constructed with exclusive SEI PetroH20hesive.
  • FRAC Tank™ Fabric — SEI’s newest proprietary fabric is engineered specifically for the petroleum industry and is ideal for use in winter temperatures as low as -50 C and with heated fluids up to +71 C.  Another feature of this unique fabric is its high resistance to abrasion — an important aspect when tanks are continually moved from site to site.  Typical mil spec fabrics have abrasion resistance of 6,000-13,000 cycles (ASTM #D3884) while the FRAC tank fabric has a 73,000 cycle abrasion resistance to handle the wear and tear of continual movements.

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