27 Oct

Things to consider before purchasing bladder tanks in Dubai

Bladder tanks are one of the most commonly utilized storage tanks in the industrial sector. They are large, flexible storage containers that are utilized to store fuel, water and liquid chemicals for industrial use. They come in various forms and sizes that are designed to fulfill the diverse industrial storage needs. This article discusses the 4 main things that you need to consider before buying bladder tanks.

  1. Understand the nature of the project: Most industrial professionals fail to understand a simple thing that can help them save both time and money during the purchase process and that is “the nature of your project.”
  • What are your site requirements for storage?
  • What kind of liquid you would be storing?
  • How much of fuel, water or chemical you would be storing and for how long?

These are some of the most crucial questions that you need to answer before you even make your decision of acquiring a bladder tank. If, at this point, you don’t know your requirement, or what exactly can fulfill that requirement, then you are not ready to go to the market just yet. Sit down with your associates and discuss the nature of your project, its requirements, and the budget that is available to fulfill those requirements.

  1. Understand the types of bladder tanks: There are various types of bladder tanks, each designed with specific fabric to ensure proper storage for a specific liquid. Most bladder tanks fall under 3 main categories that include aqua, chem and petro bladder tanks. As the names suggest, the 3 main types of tanks are designed for carrying water, chemical and petrol. Tridentech Trading Company, a Dubai based equipment supplier, offers different kinds of bladder tanks that include terra tanks, HIPPO Frac tanks, Desert King, Arctic King Jungle King.
  2. Dig online: After you have a clear understanding of your requirement and the type of bladder tanks that can be utilized to fulfill that requirement, it’s time to research suppliers. There are various online directories that can help you find the right suppliers. At this point, do not make any decision just yet.
  3. Consult with various suppliers: Book consultations with various local suppliers before you make your final decision to learn about the price structure and material quality. Only purchase from suppliers that stock genuine industrial supplies. The research part of the process will help you find registered suppliers who only deal with standard equipment. After you pick your supplier, discuss your requirements and options with him. Your supplier would be able to help you identify the right tank for your need.
  4. Understand industry codes or specifications: Another important thing to consider is the industry specifications and codes; your tank must follow industry specifications. The tanks must adhere to MIL spec or NSN number. So, make sure that you ask your supplier about the codes and specifications.

Equipment suppliers have ample knowledge regarding tanks and their capacities. Do not purchase a bladder tank without discussing your options with your supplier. Based on your requirements, your supplier can help you find a tank that fits your criteria for storing particular liquids.

Tridentech Trading is one of the top-tier UAE based equipment suppliers with decades of experience in the industrial sector. The company offers genuine, high standard equipment for myriad industrial, agricultural and military uses.


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