01 Aug

The use of fuel containers in modern world

Fuel and liquid storage is a necessity of any industrial and agriculture sector. The history is full of examples where fuel storage containers like jerry cans, bladder tanks, and fracking tanksplayed a significant part in everyday fuel storage needs.  The necessity of such storage containers hasn’t diminished over the years; in fact, it remains pertinent in this day and age. This post highlights the importance of bladder tanks to help you garner ample knowledge about their usage.

What exactly is a bladder tank?

Before we go any further, it is important that we first define a bladder tank. According to various definitions, a bladder tank is a flexible fuel storage container to store liquids of myriad kinds. It is also known as a pillow tank due to its form or shape that becomes prominent after the tank reaches its full capacity.

Most commonly known pillow tanks are designed with PVC material and HF soldering to ensure high resistance. The modern day bladder tanks are designed with polyester walls that are built for easy PVC induction. Pillow tanks are usually considered more applicable for chemical and fuel storage as compared to military jerry can or other similar fuel storage containers due to their UV resistant properties and chemical stability.

The tanks can be of different types depending on the type of liquid that they will be used for. For example, a pillow tank designed for chemical product storage will be different from a tank designed for liquid fertilizer storage.

Modern Day Usage

Pillow tanks are used for myriad liquid storage purposes. As mentioned above, containers like pillow tanks andscepter jerry cans are frequently used in agriculture, military, and industrial sector for fuel and liquid storage. However, most importantly, these storage tanks are utilized for water storage, liquid fertilizer storage, chemical based liquid storage, and hydrocarbon storage.

5 Things you should know to understand the Function of Bladder Tanks

  1. The installation process of pillow tanks is very simple. They usually last for a long time if maintained well over the years. The material utilized to construct a pillow tank is recyclable, which makes them reusable over the years to come.
  2. Installation of a bladder tank requires open, flat surface. Plain surfaces are ideal for pillow tank installation as they eradicate the chances of damage.
  3. Geotextile fabrics are utilized for the tank installation to avoid abrasion and any kind of tank damage.
  4. A bladder tank has the storage capacity of around 1,000 cubic meters.
  5. The liquid stored in a bladder tank cannot evaporate. Similarly, contaminants from the outside environment cannot enter the tank when it is sealed properly. This ensures the purity of the liquid during the storage period, and this is what makes pillow tanks best for chemical storage.

Bladder tanks are a great way to store large amounts of liquid for a long time period. If you are looking for a liquid storage container that costs less, stores more, and keeps the liquid pure during the storage time period, then bladder tanks are the best choice.


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